Available in download widget (right column).  From Fight On! #10 and part of that magazine’s ongoing ‘The Darkness Beneath’ megadungeon.  It’s a little slice of CARCOSA transported to a more typical D&D world – a ruined hi-tech city with Irrationalists at one end, Space Aliens at the other, and bizarre horrors in between.  PCs can pick sides or just hit & run and pilfer goodies.  Robots, a hovertank, mutations, the ass-end of a Shub Spawn, an Irrationalist lotus den, and much more.  Probably works with Encounter CriticalMutant Future, and similar systems.

This download does not include the art from the magazine: cool monsters, bad guys & city map by Lester B. Portly, dungeon map by Alex Schroeder, and more art by Jennifer Weigel.

Completely unplaytested…!