One of my favorite things about CARCOSA is that Geoffrey provides a compelling framework that inspires DMs to explore, interpret & create.  Tidbits here and there tickle the imagination and spur creativity.

The gods and creatures in the booklet’s monster section are only the beginning. The section on rituals mentions a number of potential opponents (or allies?) that are not detailed in the monster section:

  1. “pale blue carnivorous fungus found in the forested part of hex 1302”
  2. the Eight Hundred Gods
  3. the Amoeboid Gods
  4. “giant tadpoles from hex 1213”
  5. the Oracle of the Fetor of the Depths
  6. “the vile subterranean gods at the planet’s core”
  7. “the vile and slimy things that slither and swim through the Nameless Sea” [a sorcerer may question them, so it’s presumed these are not just Lake Monsters and Purple Worms]
  8. “1′ poisonous clams sometimes found in the autumn 20′ to 80′ from the seashore”
  9. 60 demigods of the depths
  10. “green phosphorescent beetles found in the caverns beneath the Thaggasoth Peaks”
  11. “in the heart of a distant maroon-colored star resides a malevolent entity”
  12. woolly mammoths
  13. venomous white spiders [in the Cavern of Eddies in hex 0707]
  14. the Pendent Fungus
  15. crocodilians [does this just mean ‘crocodiles’ or is it some weird hybrid race?]
  16. deep forest adder
  17. tomb worm

The various additional pantheons of gods particularly intrigue me.  Is there overlap between the Amoeboid Gods and some of the named gods in the monster section? Are the Eight Hundred Gods extinct, slumbering, or subtly at work in the lands of Men?  I like the idea of several different pantheons of malign gods, hateful (or inscrutable) but also contending with one another for worship and dominance.

I’m probably going to stat up the ’60 demigods of the depths’ at some point…

One of the 60...?