I'm currently reading 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' and somehow this just seemed appropriate...

Here is a sketch for an Irrationalist Space Alien class.  Hit dice will be 1-1 per level. They can conduct sorcerous rituals.  Other details TBD.  Haven’t done the XP yet, nor have I figured out a theme for the level titles.  Also want to do a starting bonus 2d12 chart that gives either a cool little doohickie or a minor stat bonus.

What do you think?  Would anyone want to play this class, or is it too wimpy?  On the plus side, you get sorcery and could get psionics (and a couple buffs when you level up).  On the down side, you have to keep a low profile, your hit points suck, and you have a short ceiling.  Also thinking of adding an innate ability to wield ultra-telluric devices (hi-tech gear, Primordial One artifacts, etc.), but maybe nerf their sorcery (double learning times, double casting times, test v. INT to learn new rituals).


Requirements: Neutral or Chaotic alignment

Prime Requisite: INT

Max Level: 8

Irrationalist Space Aliens are torn between two worlds: the stars are in their DNA, but Carcosa is beneath their feet… and few can resist the malign influence of dread Carcosa.

Irrationalists are outcast by their brethren Space Aliens for turning their backs on logic, choosing chaos over order, and embracing psionics & sorcery above technology. Extreme Irrationalists may even demonstrate emotional responses, contemplate spiritual matters, or create works of art.

Irrationalists are unloved by the tribes of Man. They may find tolerance in certain lawless areas, among Men equally despised, if they can prove their worth as seers, soothsayers, or sorcerers. In any other surroundings, their only hope is disguise: heavy robes, facial wrappings, a capacious hood, all of these typically suffice to thwart cursory inspection. However, their monotone voices and spindly gaits reveal their true nature eventually… the forks & torches of terrified villagers, or cleansing energy beams of Space Alien weaponry, inevitably put an end to the charade.

Hidden with their own kind, in decrepit covens lodged among forbidden places, Irrationalists can study matters of mind & magic in relative safety. However, it is only a matter of time before the disordered objects of their occult studies erupt through the ether to consume them.

Enhanced Psionic Ability

Irrationalist characters are twice as likely to begin play with psionic abilities. Calculate the chance to possess psionic abilities as normal, then double the result, i.e. an Irrationalist character with scores of 18 in INT, WIS, and CHA would have a 24% chance of being psionic.

To begin, daily psionic powers and uses per day are determined as normal. At 4th level, Irrationalist characters may use a d6 to determine daily power availability. At 8th level, one daily power may be chosen (the remainder are still determined randomly).