The CARCOSA re-release is going to be here before year’s end, and hopefully a lot of new people will be taking it for a spin around the block. First thing players will probably want to do is conjure up some ichor-spewing obscenity from beyond the Outer Void. How easy is that? Let’s take a look at what you need; please note that real-life squick factor is included in grading degree of difficulty:

Colorless Ooze. We’re off to a good start. Simple component, sacrifices are easy to acquire. Degree of Difficulty=2

Crawling God. Unknown…

Deep Gibbering Madness. Unknown…

Desiccating Slime of the Silent Halls. Frickin’ laundry list of wacky crap. Ready for a scavenger hunt? DOD=5

Fetor of the Depths. Location-specific, extra save required. Pretty easy stuff here. DOD=2

Foul Putrescence. At first blush looks difficult, but definitely manageable upon further examination. DOD=4

God of the Primal Void. Rare sacrifice, location-specific. DOD=6

It of the Fallen Pylons. Gotta be in the right place and make a tough save. DOD=5

Inky Crawler. Kitchen sink – right place, right time, tons of difficult components. DOD=7

Leprous Dweller Below. Difficult-to-acquire components plus a chance of leprosy, and kind of a yucky sacrifice. DOD=4

Lurker Amidst the Obsidian Ruins. Requires proper timing and cumbersome components. DOD=3

Lurker of the Putrescent Pits. Pretty easy, but don’t forget that last little bit that most of the grimoires have unfortunately forgotten. DOD=4

Putrescent Stench. Location and weather specific, but oh-so doable. Hello, pet stink bomb! DOD=1

Shambler of the Endless Night. Shitload of nitpicky ingredients, time & place specific, lots of moving parts. DOD=8

Slime God. Can only be performed in one place, and that place is guarded by a cult. DOD=3

Squamous Worm of the Pit. You’re gonna put some miles on your sandals to gather everything needed, and timing is particular. DOD=5

Suckered Abomination. Lots of sacrifices, but they can be of any type. DOD=3

Summon the Amphibious Ones. A little of this, a little of that, timing must be right, but the show-stopper is the sacrifice requirement. This is one that twisted some knickers the first time around. Trusting roleplay group required to avoid real-life discomfort. DOD=9

Summon the Diseased Guardians. Easy-peasy, except you have to feed a bunch of kids to your new pet monsters. Can you handle the truth? DOD=6

Tentacled One. Unknown…

Violet Mist. Serious treasure hunt to gather all the components. DOD=4

Watery Death. Easy ingredients but you have to be a double baby-killer, squick factor ups the ante. DOD=7

Weird God. Unknown…