I was recently gifted with a full subscription to the awesome Hexographer for composing a handful of sandbox-style hex descriptions for them and I’ve decided to take advantage by using the program to craft CARCOSA hexes. Here’s the first one, hex 1013:

See that lake? It's getting bigger...

The scale is the same as that from the map included for Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer, each sub-hex is 704 yards. The village is the one mentioned in the hex description from the CARCOSA book. The line that looks like a railroad track is a road. The ruin are… ruins. Haven’t decided what to make of the tower, and it may disappear because a lonely tower among dead forest/hills is kinda played out. The triangles are various static encounters.

The little three-dot symbols are the lairs of the Fishclans, which are human communities that have been hybridized with Deep Ones. The lake is getting bigger each month by 1d20 yards and the Deep Ones are proliferating. The Fishclan lairs are generally secret and neighboring human communities offer bounties for hybrid and Deep One heads. I’m inspired to do these Fishclans up as per these rad rules. I’m working on writing up all three hexes that include the lake as a beginning area for CARCOSA campaigns to kick off.

The map can be done with the free Hexographer version. I’ve puttered around with it in the past, but only now found the motivation to really explore. Still working on putting in labels that look decent.