Hex 0809: Monastery of 17 Black Men led by “the Gossamer Imposition,” a chaotic 8th-level Sorcerer. Within this cloister hangs a great bronze bell and three strikers (one each of titanium, nickel, and vanadium). Using the titanium striker to ring the bell summons 6–36 Deep Ones, who will arrive within a day and are bound for a week. The nickel striker summons a single Shoggoth, which will arrive within an hour and is bound for one day. The vanadium striker calls down a curse upon the ringer of the bell, to whom hostile Spawn of Shub-Niggurath will be drawn at the rate of 1–3 per day.

Don’t know who to credit for this artwork, but it was found on this tumblr that Jeff Rients pointed out.