I’m putting together a d100 table of village descriptions for Carcosa. Basically, you roll and get a brief village description that includes what it looks like, the obvious defenses, an adventure seed and/or a one or two line sketch of the inhabitants, and a picture. You could also create further randomized results by rolling one time each for buildings description / defenses / adventure seed and then combining – this might require a little creativity to make it match up, but that’s easy stuff. I’m trying to crank out a few a day, so this is probably a month or two away. Thanks to Zak S. for the Dan McPharlin heads up.

Here are a few samples:

3. A pyramidal agglomeration of adobe dwellings leans sloppily against a small hill, at the apex is a soaring minaret of intricate design. Twin spirals of concertina wire in front of the village frame a no-man’s-land seeded with proximity mines of ancient manufacture, some of which still function.

4. Junk pile burrows excavated amid a tangled heap of rusting technological debris; scattered electric lights and a tangle of power lines betray a hi-tech power source hidden somewhere deep within the rubbish. Likely points of entry are trapped with skeins of deadly monofilament wire. [Artwork by Alexander Tchelyshev, aka “Sanchiko” found here http://sanchiko.deviantart.com/art/The-village-201637790?q=boost:popular%20village&qo=12 .]

8. A field of ancient tombs, broken into and transformed into unthinkable dwellings. A crumbling stone wall provides some cover, but the primary deterrent to predation is the evil reputation of this area and its inhabitants. Several of the tombs conceal secret entrances to extensive vaults beneath the surface.

11. Several wood & stone long houses arranged precisely atop a steep-sided tor. Three be-glyphed stones conceal a short tunnel that provides the only convenient entry to the village – they appear megalithic but are actually sentient machines of surpassing sophistication and robust capability that safeguard the inhabitants with unswerving diligence. [Artwork by Pierre Raveneau, aka “Asahisuperdry” found here http://asahisuperdry.deviantart.com/art/Village-255006593?q=boost:popular%20village&qo=30 .]

15. A recently abandoned Space Alien dome habitat slowly sinks into oblivion amid a rad-blasted landscape scoured bare of organics. Villagers live within conduits and empty pockets of the baroque machinery; wondrous hi-tech artifacts within, wholly inexplicable, provide steady sustenance and occasional death. [Artwork by Dan McPharlin found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmcp/page8/ .]