A gross village to drop into your CARCOSA game. Check the download widget for the “carcosa villages” file for the complete write-up. Here is the intro paragraph:

Hex 1102: Mud-brick shithole dwellers

This cursed village’s 130 Bone Men ruled by “The Pervulsient Aeon,” a chaotic Swashbuckler, are undergoing rapid decay into subhuman monstrosities. They ingurgitate from a nearby lake amid a compulsion to scour its shores for despicable relics: the Deep Ones are removed, nevertheless the water remains polluted by an ineradicable malignancy that whelms the Bone Men with a tide of corruption.

These fiends survive by violence, waylaying transients and launching raids on nearby communities. Visitors are unwelcome and the Restorative Orders know this valley is home to death. Exception is made for chaotic types who barter weapons and rude antiques for the right to explore in seclusion the nearby Snake-Men ruins. The location of this village is well-known and the inhabitants despised by their neighbors, but none possess the magnitude required for a campaign of eradication.