Proposed Morlock PC class, using OD&D rules as standard (not LotFP). Completely un-play tested, feedback welcome. Probably less suitable for OG flavor Carcosa, more in line with a campaign that emphasizes gonzo play. More proposed classes forthcoming (Mummies, Irrationalist Space Aliens, etc.).

MORLOCKS are humans who by prolonged habitancy beneath the surface of Carcosa are altered into species apart from normal men. Morlocks can be any of the traditional races of Carcosan Man, however they are a distinctly paler hue (mauve, pink, mantis, periwinkle, gray, etc.) and all body hair is very light blonde. These creatures are typified by aggressive primitivism, worship of the Great Old Ones, and ecstatic cannibalism (of both normal men and fellow Morlocks). And some, I assume, are good people.

Morlocks (Level Title, Experience Points Necessary to Attain, and Hit Dice)
1st – Darkling                                            0   1+1
2nd – Lurker                                        1500   2+2
3rd – Brute                                           3000   3+3
4th – Pitspawn                                   6000   4+4
5th – Manslayer                              12,000   5+5
6th – Cannibal Chief                     24,000   6+6
7th – Dark Dervish                         48,000   7+7
8th – Night Champion                  96,000   8+8
9th – Morlock Lord, 9th Level   192,000   9+9

Saves    Morlock Level 1-3     Morlock Level 4-6     Morlock Level 7-9
Death Ray or Poison       10                    8                           6
Wands, Polymorph, Paralysis  11                    9                           7
Petrifaction                 12                   10                          8
Dragon Breath                13                   11                           9
Staves & Spells              14                   12                         10

Alignment: Morlocks may be any alignment, although vanishingly few are Lawful.

Prime Requisite: Strength.

Weapons and Armor: Any (however, see Technology Restriction below).

Attack: As Fighting-Men.

Accustomed to the Underworld: Morlocks have Infravision 60′, as the spell; this ability functions normally in Mythic Underworlds. In daylight or equivalent lighting, Morlocks suffer a -1 penalty to all to-hit rolls and saves.

Fine Young Cannibals: Morlocks heal at twice the normal rate each day they consume fresh human or Morlock flesh.

Sorcery I: Morlocks of any hue are unsuitable for successful use in sorcery rituals. If disaster in casting is desired, they are preeminently suitable.

Sorcery II: Morlocks of 6th Level and higher may conduct sorcery rituals as a Sorcerer of 1st Level; these individuals are typically regarded as witch doctors, shamans, diabolists and the like. They never advance naturally in sorcery ability, although certain magical items may increase their proficiency. Sorcery rituals must be discovered and learned as normal per the CARCOSA supplement.

Technology Restriction: Morlocks by their primitive nature have difficulty comprehending devices of advanced technology, including Space Alien technology. Unless instruction is received by an experienced user, they may not use such devices or equipment.


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