MUMMIES are sorcerous devotees of Nyarlathotep, risen from entombment beneath the sands or elsewhere to conduct missions in furtherance of their god’s inscrutable aims (note: PC aims may be scrutable, if desired). They indulge endless study of sorcery and the nourishment of chaos in the world around, though often their stratagems are intensely obscure.

Mummies (Level Title / Experience Points Necessary to Attain / Hit Dice)
1st – Servant of the Crawling Chaos / 0 / 1+1
2nd – Unclean One / 4000 / 2
3rd – Withered Seer / 8000 / 3
4th – Corpse Pharaoh / 16,000 / 4
5th – Chaos Champion / 32,000 / 5+1
6th – Elder Thing / 64,000 / 6
7th – Mummy Lord / 128,000 / 7+1
8th – Chosen of Nyarlathotep / 256,000 / 8+2
9th – Mummy Sorcerer, 9th Level / 512,000 / 9+3

Saving Throw Matrix Mummy Level 1-3 Mummy Level 4-6 Mummy Level 7-9
Death Ray or Poison                   8 6 3
Wands, Polymorph, Paralysis 13 11 9
Petrifaction                                   13 11 9
Dragon Breath                              19 17 15
Staves & Spells                             15 12 9

Alignment: Chaotic only.

Prime Requisite: Intelligence.

Weapons and Armor: Any weapon, no armor.

Attack: As Fighting-Men.

Healing: Mummies do not heal as do the living. Repair is accomplished via diligent application of various restorative balms, preservative wrappings, and esoteric meditations. Assuming ingredients and requirements for such are readily available, complete repair of any injury regardless of severity can be enacted in 24 hours of uninterrupted care.

Invulnerability to Physical Attack: Physical attacks against Mummies suffer a -1 penalty per die to damage rolls.

Vulnerability to Fire: Fire attacks (including lasers) cause a +1 bonus per die to damage rolls.

Dead Like Us: As beings preserved in death, Mummies are immune to normal diseases, illnesses, and toxins, including the various lotus preparations. They do not respirate or bleed, nor do they require sleep. They are immune to Charm and Sleep effects. They are unaffected by other conditions and statuses in a manner consistent with already being dead.

Sorcery: As Sorcerer of equal level. Sorcery rituals must be discovered and learned as normal per the CARCOSA supplement.

Additional Powers by Level: Mummies gain additional powers and abilities as follows:
1st Level – Read Languages, at will as the spell.
2nd Level – Bestow curse, 1 time/week as disease, affliction, or persistent misfortune.
3rd Level – Charm Person, 1 time/day as the spell.
4th Level – Reproduce effect of an Elder Sign, also affecting all Spawn of Shub-Niggurath.
5th Level – Dimension Door, 1 time/day as the spell.
6th Level – Sorcery rituals can be conducted in half the time required.
7th Level – Magic Jar, used ceremonially as the spell.
8th Level – Geas, 1 time/week as the spell.
9th Level – Commune with Nyarlathotep, as the spell.

Ultimate Advancement: Certain Mummies, those that combine unique longevity and determined studies with an especial aspect of the diabolical, graduate to become Mummy Brains. Of course we’ll have rules for that, eventually.


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